Helping Coaches Stand Out and Level Up With Beautiful Branding

It pays to be particular: Get custom graphic design so that you can stand out from the crowd and charge premium prices.

Paige Smith of Particular Paige Designs

Helping Coaches Stand Out and Level Up With Beautiful Branding

It pays to be particular: Get custom graphic design so that you can stand out from the crowd and charge premium prices.

Hi! I'm Paige and I help coaches and entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd with custom branding and marketing materials that captures both your personality and attracts your ideal clients. I'm also currently in training to become a life coach myself and excited for the opportunity to help you build your coaching business.

Why choose Paige in particular?

Attention to detail.
Eye on the big picture.

20+ years of experience as a multi-faceted graphic designer. Worked at an award-winning digital agency on big brands such as USAA, Clorox and Pampers.

Big brand experience.
Small business love.

Helping all of these big brands I never saw the impact I wanted to make. Now I help coaches just starting out with custom branding so they stand out.

Custom graphic design.

A custom logo and brand identity that captures your personality will help you stand out and make the impact you want to make in the world with style.

What are your graphic design needs?

Logo & Brand Identity

Stand out from the crowd with a custom logo & brand identity that matches your personality.

Webinar Slide Deck

Convert prospects to students with slide decks that are compelling and visually engaging.

Presentation Audit

Already have a webinar slide deck? I can help to ensure that it's both pretty AND persuasive.

Kind words

Presentation love

"Paige designed simple and easy-to-follow templates that leveraged our brand to bring a high-quality look and feel to our PPT presentation. With very little instruction on our part, she helped us hit the ground running when time was so critical."

Trevor Maunder, President & CEO
Peerage Capital

Brand affection

It was great working with Paige, as she brought extensive knowledge and branding experience. She really cared about creating the effect I wanted. I love the logo Paige created for my business. I would absolutely recommend her to a friend.”

Jenae Anderson, Executive & Leadership Coach
Level Up Success Coaching

Check out my portfolio

Erin Harris Coaching

Sunrise Brand Webinar

Copy + Donuts

Graphic design that keeps you in your zone-of-genius.

(And makes you look like one)

Whether it's launching your coaching business or a 6-figure online course, you'll want professional looking design elements in place to communicate on a variety of levels.

Elevate your brand

A logo and brand identity that captures your personality will help you stand above the crowd in the online space.

Walk your talk

Let's establish your reputation, inspire trust and credibility to your audience. Your visual marketing will speak volumes before you even say a single word.

Increase your value

Well-designed branded marketing materials help showcase your expertise and allow you to charge premium prices for your premium content.

Match your visuals

Keeping marketing materials visually consistent across every touch point creates a seamless branded experience. Let’s get your brand all matchy-matchy.

Engage your audience

Your web presence needs to be more professional than in-person presentations to show your authority. So more consideration for more engagement.

Make them feel it

The visual identity and colours of your brand identity is what helps connect your story to people’s emotions — which is how everyone makes buying decisions.

Paige Smith in studio for Particular Paige Designs

Hello, I'm Paige!

Just call me "particular"

Do you ever buy something based on the design or packaging alone? 

Or worse, NOT buy it, even if it was a perfectly good product otherwise?

Then you can appreciate why I’m so particular about the visual identity for your brand. 

I have all the big brand experience you need to create the visual impact you want for your small business.

Get your branding done right.

(vs. just done)

If there’s one sure way I know for you to become THE go-to person in your niche, it’s creating a unique, consistent and well-defined brand identity.

Aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs know:

✗ Just getting the design done doesn’t get your audience to buy-in 

✗ Just making things look pretty isn't enough to create a cohesive brand experience

✗ Just hiring any visual designer doesn't help optimize your slide deck for conversions  

✗ Just using a template like Canva will give you structure but it won't make your brand stand out

Getting particular about design lets you:

  • Stand out in a sea of sameness
  • Create a brand that's as unique as your content AND personality
  • Separate yourself from the imposters with a sophisticated, polished look
  • Transform your marketing materials from "good enough" to high-converting, personality-packed visuals that look beautiful AND make you more money!!!

"I would recommend Paige to anyone looking for graphic design help in a second, you won't regret it!"

Paige is one of the most creative people I know. I was lucky to work on multiple projects with her at Critical Mass and her attention to detail, user experience problem solving and delightful personality make working with Paige so enjoyable.

Erin Dean Williams, Brand and Web Design Expert

Let's talk about your particulars

There's lots of designers who can make your brand look pretty. 
But I know how to make your assets look pretty persuasive.

If you have little desire to sweat all the design details, it’s okay,
because that's what I’m particularly good at it.