Paige Smith in studio for Particular Paige Designs

I'm a very "particular"
graphic designer.

I design logo & brand identities that capture your personality and attract your ideal audience — so you can share your knowledge and make an impact in the world.

My 15+ years of graphic design and branding experience comes from working at Critical Mass on big brand names such as Kaiser Permanente, USAA, Clorox and Pampers. That award-winning digital agency took me to 3 different cities — Stockholm, Calgary and Toronto.

A designer through and through, I've also hand-crafted a vintage/repurposed product which was sold in Anthropologie stores across Canada and the US. So I know what it takes to deliver true one-of-a-kind pieces, on time and on budget.

I was given the nickname "particular" Paige because, well... some say I'm picky. And I embrace it because I like to think of it as having higher standards.

I've been known to paint 12 samples of greige on my walls. Or research 20 photographers for my wedding.

Sound ridiculous? Maybe.

But in the end, I'm always confident I've made the right choice, including marrying my husband who always laughs (or cries) at my "particular-ness."

So when I’m on your project, I just can’t help but make sure you are getting exactly the results you want and deserve.