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Paige Smith in studio for Particular Paige Designs

I'm particular about graphic design

During coach training, a few of my peers expressed the need for logo design and a brand identity for their new coaching businesses. Right out of the gate they wanted to present a professional image to their targeted niche.

My expertise is in designing logo & brand identities that capture your personality and attract your ideal audience — allowing you to share your authentic self, knowledge to make an impact in the world.

If you're a coach starting out, I would be thrilled for the opportunity to design your logo and brand identity, one of the first steps in building your coaching business.

Or, if you're ready to refresh or 'level up' your current brand and marketing materials another notch (from DIY'ing it yourself), I can help with that too.


I'm particular about making sure you get what you want

I was given the nickname "particular" Paige because, well... some say I'm picky. And I embrace it because I like to think of it as having higher standards.

I've been known to paint 12 samples of greige on my walls. Or research 20 photographers for my wedding.

Sound ridiculous? Maybe.

But in the end, I'm always confident I've made the right choice, including marrying my husband who always laughs (or cries) at my "particular-ness."

So when I’m on your project, I just can’t help but make sure you are getting exactly the results you want and deserve.

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